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Easee Installation Guide

Learn how to connect your Easee charge box to Northe and start charging your EV at home.

Please note that when you connect your charge box to Northe, we become the charge box operator. This means that you need to use the Northe app to charge your EV.

Steps to connect an existing Easee Home charge box

What you will need

  • Easee app
  • Access to computer

Step 1: Update site settings and change the operator

  1. In the Easee app swipe the charger down. You should see a “Site settings” button
  1. Press “Site settings” to continue to the settings
  1. Press the Operator field and then search for “Northe”. You must have proper access to change the operator.

Step 2: Add your home charge box in the Northe User Portal

  1. Visit https://northe.app/account/login and log in
  1. On the left-hand menu, go to “Charge boxes”
  1. Click “Add a new charge box”
  1. Enter in your information
  1. Add the serial number of your charge box (e.g. EHM12314)
For more detailed information on adding a home charge box to your Northe account, please read the following guide: How to add your home charge box in your Northe account.
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