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Ordering and registering your charge key

Ordering a charge key

When adding a driver, you have the option to order a charge key for the driver, by selecting the “RFID tag” option when creating the driver. If this option is selected when the driver is created, a charge key order will be placed and sent to the driver’s address.

If you haven’t received your charge key, please contact your fleet manager.

Registering your charge key in the Northe app

Before you start

Make sure you have the following ready before you start registering your charge key:

  • The Northe app
  • The serial number of your charge key. You can find this on the back of the charge key:
    • Notion image

1. Open App

Open Northe app”.

2. Go into Settings → Charge keys

Go to "Settings" and select "Charge keys".

Notion image

3. Register your charge key

Select "REGISTER CHARGE KEY" to get to the “REGISTER CHARGE KEY” screen. Here you can select the billing account to add your charge key to, as well as the serial number associated with the charge key. You can use the “SCAN QR-CODE” button to scan the QR code to easily fill in the charge key serial number.


When you are done filling in the information, press “REGISTER CHARGE KEY” to register the charge key to your account.


Please contact your fleet manager if you have not received a charge key. It may take 1-2 weeks to deliver after an order has been placed.

Notion image
Notion image
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