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Declaring tax refund eligibility for Danish drivers

Declaring tax refund eligibility for personal home charging for Danish drivers

If you own property in Denmark without solar panels or specific electricity tax benefits, you may qualify for a tax reimbursement on electricity for charging. Tax reimbursements are managed in part by our partner TakeCHARGE ApS.

You must confirm/decline your tax refund eligibility as long as you are charging with your home charge box. You can do this either in the User Portal or the Northe app (coming soon).

You will only receive tax refunds for charging sessions done after the eligibility is confirmed.

In the User Portal

  1. Log into the User Portal
  1. On the top-right corner, click on your name and then “Settings”.
  1. Click on the home charging tab. If you are a driver living in Denmark, you will see a section titled “Denmark Tax Refund Eligibility”.
  1. Carefully read through the information and then confirm or decline your tax refund eligibility.
  1. Check the terms and conditions checkbox and then click on “UPDATE TAX ELIGIBILITY”.
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In the Northe app

Coming soon

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