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Connecting your bank account for home charging reimbursement

1. Log into the Northe User Portal

To select a bank account for home charging reimbursement, please visit the Northe User Portaland enter your account credentials to log in.

2. Click on Settings

On the top-right of your screen, click on the dropdown with your name. This will open a menu with a “Settings” option. Click on this to open your account setting options.

Notion image

Click on the “HOME CHARGING” tab to open the view that contains the bank account selection screen.

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3. Select preferred method of adding your bank account

You can add your bank account in two ways:

  1. Brite bank account selector: You can use our partner Brite’s secure and easy-to-use interface for selecting a bank account. Currently this feature is only available in Sweden and Denmark. You can learn more about Brite here.
  1. Manual entry: Enter in your bank account details manually with our secure form. You will need the account holder’s first name, last name and IBAN (BBAN if the bank account is in Sweden).

4. Enter your information

After selecting the bank account method, click “CONTINUE” and follow the instructions.

Brite bank account selector

Notion image
Notion image

Manual entry

Enter in your account information and then click on “CONNECT BANK ACCOUNT” to connect your bank account.

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4. Your bank account is now connected and ready to receive reimbursements for home charging

That’s it! If you have connected successfully, you should a message that says “Connected to account” followed by your anonymized account number.

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To remove this bank account and add another one, click on the “REMOVE button. This disconnects your connected account and brings you back to the start of Step 3. To add a new account, click on the “CONNECT” button again to start a new bank account selection session.


Please note that unless you have a bank account connected at the time of the reimbursement payout, you will not be able to receive reimbursements.

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